Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amway IBO Lies?

In my personal experience and even now, I see evidence from IBOs that lying is still a big part of the script for those who are recruiting new IBOs. A business built on lies is a house built on a shaky foundation. If your upline has lied, did you simply ignore and overlook it? Did you see slide shows of wealth as "proof" that Amway works? Do you know if your upline actually owns any of that stuff and is it typical or simply some exceptional diamond who has trappings but tries to imply that alll diamonds and big pins have all of those goodies? Some of the lies: We don't make any money until you do We don't make money from tools Save 30% by becoming an IBO The business is easy All you need is six Diamonds pay cash for everything Jobs are for losers 98% for people are dead or broke by age 65 95% of small businesses fail in the first year **Have you heard any of these statements? Have you been fed lies or half truths (lies)? If these statements sounds familiar, it may be a red flag for you. I urge you to at least verify any questionable claims made by upline or by those recruiting you into the business. Get bonafide proof of financial success. While uplines may say it's not your business, it certainly is if you are being asked to trust the upline leadership and to follow their advice. You should know how successful your uplines are and whether or not following them is indeed worth your time, investment and efforts. If your upline dodge your questions, you should think twice.


Anonymous said...

have been irritated from quite few days by a friend who is into it and has been insisting me to be a part of it,my answer was clear "a big NO" ..so a person from her upline came to explain me about it ..when i refused,he said i had somuch negativity towards life and i have no hope for a better living and also he felt pity for me .. i was annoyed,and told him i live a much better life than roaming around for seminars ,meetings,promoting stuff 24/7 and wht not .. these people who are supposed to achieve financial freedom roam around all the time with no social life and earn no money and call others the losers ..wht nonsense ..i feel pity for the innocent people trapped in .. such stupidity. beware from amway .. the financial freedom that they promise never really happens ..

leo bal said...

My husband and I are in Amway...but they highly encourage us to tell people that we call our business the name we chose to name it. I was very "fired up" when we first started and really believe that we can attain our goals through this business. I am having my doubts because it was always weird to me that our uplines would make so much fun of people who work and that that is the real pyramid scheme. I keep thinking to myself though that its very selfish to think that way especially because I am going into the nursing field. So what they are saying is that it's nonsense to go to school and give back to the community as a nurse because I would only be a slave? That is where I started having my doubts. Then they also talk about getting together for financial advice on things or other big things that we may be going through in our life. I told my husband that it's pretty annoying and very questionable that we even have private meetings with our uplines about what we can do in our financial situation and the transitioning we are making in jobs and basically everything we are going through in our marriage because they highly encourage us to be honest especially with them. I also found it to be weird to keep attending all these functions over and over again especially when they all have the same underlying message and the same plan.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the comment. Some upline will tell you anything to keep you motivated and buying tools, even if it's not in your best interest. Hopefully you can gain some valuable insight by reading my blog.

Vanessa Mclaulin said...

The purpose of this business opportunity is to gain financial freedom, to become financially free. Based on a par-time/ spare-time basis. Being a independent business owner gives you the responsibility to work for that freedom, or enjoy making money on the side. its how much work you put into your organization will you then see growth. Its not for everyone, your obviously not IBO material, maybe the person who contacted you should have sold you some tooth paste, to get the bad taste out your mouth at least they would have walked away with a costumer, retail profit and pv. And you would not have to waste your time writing nonsense. with or with out you Amway is worth over 11 billion.

Anonymous said...

Howdy there JoeCool, my girlfriend has been taken in by the Amway scam, and has tried to bring me into the fold. I however tend to be much more skeptical, especially when someone is trying to sell me something with that plastic smile and all those shiny baubles. I have put up with her going to these meetings, and have attended a number of them as a guest, ive asked her about how much money she had put in vs how much she had pulled out, which as you may have guessed it turns out she has spent much more than she has earned. Tonight she and i had a bit of a disagreement, she feels that it is her duty to attend every single meeting so she can bump elbows with "success minded people", her obligation is so great she is willing to risk life and limb in the worst snow storm we've experienced in 4-5 years. This is my breaking point, im now spending my time off of work, which i should be using to study for finals, researching Amway, i need to find irrefutable proof that Amway is full of crap. I'm doing the best i can to pull up their actual numbers, such as number of active IBO's, number of IBO's who have achieved a certain level (such as platinum and diamond), average incomes of their IBO's things which i can use to convince her that she needs to quit amway like the drug it is. If you could help point me to resources with any of this sort of information i would be greatly appreciative.

Joecool said...

Hi there Dec 6 anon,

Amway's website has some of the numbers. There are about 300,000 IBO's i North America. About half or more quit each year. Last I heard, there were approximately 150 diamonds in North America. 1 out of 240 or so reach platinum, where you allegedly begin to make a profit. 1 out of 15,000 or so reach the diamond level and those who reach diamond often do not re-qualify. Residual income is a myth.

Try www.amquix.info

Anonymous said...

I think my first reply got lost.I just wanted to say the Amway. Diamond in n.z.being delt to over miss using a large amount of someone else's money used to live in west Auckland and his last name Cham.he had sell home to pay back or else.no money. Now renting.haha diamond ongoing income, where is?

Krzysztof Korotko said...


Another good post that I agree with.
I can't imagine how somebody can build a stable structure based on lies.
People will join and quit as soon as they realise they were scammed.

I'm a big fan of MLM but agree with the post almost completely.

The only point I would argue is about making others rich. It's very unlikely to make serious money in MLM without having deep downline and having few rich people there.


Steve Finnell said...


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Anonymous said...

Amway has 3,000,000 ibos worldwide. 40,000 new ibos went platinum last year. My upline doesn't teach me to pressure people into getting in amway. They all don't teach you like that. If someone says no. Then okay move along. Cannot base saying amways shitty on people with life issues. The tools are never pussed onto people. These books help you grow as a person, and learn success principles that we may not know we can learn, and this goes for evrything in life. Not just amway. And I'm ossitive 200 bucks this year because I actually used those success principles I learned from a ten dollar book compared to a 300 dollar college textbook. That you get 10 bucks at the end of the year. When I can go use what I learned from these books. So what have we learned here?..one. alway does not teach you to pressure people, and that those who do are just just indevidual people with free will that don't understand apparently that you don't want people who don't want to do this, because your wasting your time and their time. Two...amway does not teach you to make fun of people that have careers/jobs because allot of the diamonds, or hier up people(that if you want to talk bad about amway. Can go talk to them even on the phone) have their children go through college, because again. Not everyone is made for amway and we can clearly see why. They show you that you can gain financial freedom, and not have to work 80 hours a week for not allot. Jobs really do need to pay you more, and why I do call jobs scams only when people argue about this. You make so little an hour. Even if your making 30, because your still flat broke and we all go through it with jobs. The guy that runs the company and the ceos that sit on their ass. While you bust your ass to keep that company going, but only get paid so little!? Finally. If you don't make profit. Then something is not working for you. This is why association, and learning, actually learning from these functions, tem meetings, and the training after the weekly infosession. So I would, along with all of us "ambots"(open minded. Independent thinking people) if you would stop spreading your heep of ignorant lies.

Joecool said...

Can you name 5 people who have financial freedom because of Amway income?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joecool since you were at 4000 pv and running a eagle business how much money you were making?

Joecool said...

Ok, now prove that those 5 have financial freedom. I doubt they've shown you their financials.

Joecool said...

At 4000 PV I made zero net. I got a bonus around $1000 which (I was teachable) I was advised to reinvest in more tools by my upline.

Anonymous said...

You name people who have "financial freedom," yet aren't they at the same meetings you are at? They love to show you pictures of all their fun times at Hawaii and make fun of your company trip, but they seem to conveniently forget the endless dinners and speakers and meetings they go to at Diamond Club.

I went Platinum and attended my Platinum trip in Ada. Was there some fun and good meals? Sure. That's what I showed my team. Did I sit in meeting after meeting learning everything from the intricacies of "The Plan," the history of the business, and all kinds of rules? Yep, and you guessed it I didn't take any pictures or show my team.

There is a reason that accreditation rules in Amway no longer allow the presenter of the plan to use the word "retire." Amway IBOs do not retire. They may quit their current jobs, but they do not quit working. My upline Diamond worked his butt off. He was wealthy for sure, but he couldn't leave his business for a year and come back to see it bigger and more profitable. Why would a Crown Ambassador participate in 50 weekend speaking engagements in a year? I'll tell you why, because Amway can unravel as fast or faster than it came together.

Joecool said...

Thanks for that comment about going platinum. It was very informative and might help others.

Anonymous said...

well, if you dont like it, dont do it.. haha no one force you to do what you dont like, it is not a rule that u must obey.. hahaha i hope that nobody will push me to buy tools and thing that not necessary to me.. btw, none of them are making fun of anybody who works 9-5.. it is nothing wrong with that anyway.. but would it be nice if you have some extra income that can pay your debt or your expenses.. i dont know, everybody entitle to their own opinion.. but talking bad and negative about others, are not my option

Joecool said...

But Amway doesn't provide any extra income for most people. It is likely that more than 99% of people make nothing or lose money when they get involved in Amway. The prices are too high and their reputation turns people off. You would seriously be better off buying stuff at WalMart and reselling it for a profit.

Anonymous said...

Amway is worth 11billion... keyword: Amway

Joecool said...

Yes, Amway is great for Amway, not so good for IBOs.

Anonymous said...

All of my friends are now platinum and are retired . :) don't knock it because it didn't work for you , you must have worked hard ,good for you I am sorry you had such a bad experience that you resort to being mean and generalized insults but that is really unfortunate. I'm at 3000pv and make 1000 out side of personal use . Mabey I have a better upline . Again I'm sorry that you worked so hard and it didn't pan out . But at least you love your job most people don't so at least you have that silver lining that you get to do what you love now and no distractions :)))

Joecool said...

Your friends are platinums and are now retired? I doubt that they are retired because of Amway income alone. I don't know what you are talking about. I'm not "mean", I just speak the truth and some people cannot handle it. I didn't go 4000 and quit for no reason. I quit because I made no net profit at that level and because my upline was trying to control my life.

Sn0w_WhitE said...

To the anonymous at September 17 2014 2.59am, for what i have met, these IBOs or the speakers in the seminars did make fun of those who work 9-5 and seriously they LOVE to do it trust me. Let me share one of the examples that i have met before with you. The speaker is used to be a ceo in a company before he joined amway and he said that there are no differences between employees and dogs because both of them put up the name tags on their necks and it would be very very stupid for him if he put up the name tag again since amway gave him everything bla bla bla~ They love to make fun of this dude. They love to attract and recruit their potential downlines by insulting the traditional jobs. We, the amway attackers(in your term), are not discriminate amway for no reasons. I do it because i realize that amway is not as perfect as they told and i just want my soulmate to know. I wont simply discriminate any jobs. Even though the jobs is under the counter, as long as the jobs do not hurt anyone or involve with drugs it is still in my acceptance level. Life is hard, earning money to feed family is more hard and i get it. But after I saw most of these amway IBO did, I discriminate amway seriously.

Just a case from amway in malaysia